The Magdart Riley ecosystem was introduced

According to the translation service Immena, Ragmi’s Magdart Ecosystem provides magnetic charging for Android phones, as well as other features. The Realme Flash seems to be a concept device for displaying the capabilities of this ecosystem.

Riley has announced that the company’s first phone to support magnetic charging is the Riley GT. A special case is designed for the GT reel phone that can support magnetic wireless charging capability; This case can be offered for other models as well. This case is designed as a protective frame with an internal Magdart module and does not occupy the USB-C port of the phone.

The Magdart Relay Charger is a 50-watt adapter that is considered to be the fastest wireless magnetic charger in the world for smartphones, so that the 4,500 mAh battery of the GT Reagem or Rim Flash phone uses the Magdart in less than an hour. It is fully charged. In addition, an internal fan is installed for the Magdart, which keeps the phone and the charger cool during charging.

The company has also introduced Magdart 15 watt, which is designed as a charging pad and its thickness is 3.9 mm; Therefore, Magdart is 15 watts thicker than Apple Magsif. This charger can charge a 4,500 mAh battery in 90 minutes.

Riley has introduced another Magdart charger in the shape of a stand, which actually acts as a power bank that detaches from the main stand and can be moved. This product is made of synthetic leather and aluminum, so its design is very attractive.

Rilmi has introduced other products for the Magdart Ecosystem, one of which is the MagDart Beauty Light. This product is a kind of case that has a rotating ring light on it. There is no separate battery for this light and it can be charged through the phone with reverse charging technology. This Magdart lamp consists of 60 LEDs and a button on it that users can use to control the brightness and color temperature.

Another Magdart product is the Magdart wallet, which also acts as a power bank. This wallet is made of synthetic leather and aluminum and can hold a credit card. There is also a stand on it that users can use to place the phone on the surface while watching movies. The time of supply and price of Magdart equipment has not been determined yet.

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