Huawei 100 watt charger was introduced

According to the translation service Immena, Company انر Last month, it introduced the Honor 50 Pro with a 100-watt charge capability. It now looks like its former owner, Huawei, will soon unveil the same technology because the 100 charger Watts Huawei With specifications of five amps and 20 volts with model number HW-200500C00 approved by 3C China.

It is not yet clear that Huawei When is it going to have a 100-charge smartphone? Watts But since the 100 adapter Watts It has received 3C certification and will soon see the unveiling of a device Huawei We will be charged with a maximum power of 100 watts.

Published information shows smartphones Huawei The newly introduced P50 and P50 Pro feature 66 charging technology Watts get benifits. Smartphone Huawei The P50 Pro also supports 50-watt wireless charging technology. It is not yet known whether the charger is 100 Watts Company Huawei Will it be used for a special laptop or tablet or not?

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