Unveiling of a wireless film charger next week

According to the translation service Immena, The information provided indicates that the company ریلمی Plans to unveil its MagDart wireless magnetic charger next week; Recently, some images of the mentioned product have been published, but no specific information about its features or dimensions is available.

Published images of the MagDart Magnetic Wireless Charger show that the product is very slim and has a USB-C port at the end. It seems that this charger is as thick as a coin and its charging speed is 440% faster than the 15 charger. Watts MagSafe is Apple. Since Apple’s MagSafe is the only wireless magnetic charger on the market, it can be concluded that the company’s new product ریلمی It can be a great competitor for it.

Hearings show that the company’s magnetic wireless charger ریلمی It will be available in two different sizes and the larger version has a higher charging speed. The launch of such a wireless charger is a great success for the company ریلمی It is considered because there is currently no company that can provide this technology at the speed mentioned worldwide.

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